KA4RVT - Northwest Georgia D-Star Repeater System  

Welcome to the KA4RVT Northwest Georgia D-Star Repeater System web site.  The system currently features a C node repeater on 145.330(-) and a B node repeater on  444.500 MHz (+500) with complete Gateway access

The repeater is located on Dug Gap Mountain outside of Dalton, Georgia and provides very broad coverage to the entire northwest Georgia area, including the I-75 corridor (generally from Cartersville, GA to Chattanooga, TN).  This is an open system for anyone interested in D-Star, so please check in with us.

The B node of the repeater is normally linked 24/7 to Reflector 30B.  Please note that Reflector 30B will not be available for general use in times of severe weather or other emergency.

From time to time, the KA4RVT C node will link to for scheduled nets.  The current net linking schedule for the repeater is as follows:

  • Sunday Nights - 2100 local time - Southeastern Weather Net - Reflector 2A. The repeater will automatically unlink after this net has conclued.

In addition to the D-Star system, Bert, N4BZJ also maintains several analog repeaters that serve this area:

  • 147.135 (+)  - PL 141.3 (ARES Net on Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. local time)
  • 224.680 (-) - PL 141.3
  • 442.175(+) - PL 141.3

The Dalton Amateur Radio Club also features the following area repeaters:

  • 145.230 (-) - PL 141.3 (DARC Net Sunday Nights at 9:30 p.m. local time)
  • 443.000 (+) - PL 141.3

 We look forward to hearing you on KA4RVT!


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