KA4RVT - Northwest Georgia D-Star Repeater System  

Welcome to the KA4RVT Northwest Georgia D-Star Repeater System web site.  The system currently features a B node repeater on  444.500 MHz (+500) with complete Gateway access.  We hope to have a C node repeater up and running in the future.

The repeater is located on Dug Gap Mountain outside of Dalton, Georgia and provides very broad coverage to the entire northwest Georgia area, including the I-75 corridor (generally from Cartersville, GA to Chattanooga, TN).  This is an open system for anyone interested in D-Star, so please check in with us.

The B node of the repeater is normally linked 24/7 to Reflector 30C.  Please note that Reflector 30C will not be available for general use in times of severe weather or other emergency.

From time to time, the KA4RVT B node will unlink from Reflector 30C and link to other relectors for scheduled nets.  The current net linking schedule for the repeater is as follows:

  • Sunday Morning - 1030 local time - California Sunday Morning Net (formerly the ID-1 Net) - Reflector 14A
  • Sunday Nights - 2100 local time - Southeastern Weather Net - Reflector 2A
  • Tuesday Nights - 2130 local time - Alabama D-Star Net - Reflector 2B

The repeater will automatically unlink after these nets have conclued and re-link to Reflector 30C.

In addition to the D-Star system, Bert, N4BZJ also maintains several analog repeaters that serve this area:

  • 147.135 (+)  - PL 141.3 (ARES Net on Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. local time)
  • 224.680 (-) - PL 141.3
  • 442.175(+) - PL 141.3

The Dalton Amateur Radio Club also features the following area repeaters:

  • 145.230 (-) - PL 141.3 (DARC Net Sunday Nights at 9:30 p.m. local time)
  • 443.000 (+) - PL 141.3

 We look forward to hearing you on KA4RVT!


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